A primary concern of most of our clients is data backup, integrity, and confidentiality of the data. Loss of information means that a business might be crippled. To address these concerns, Keldatech employs a backup solution which backs up any device regardless of location. As long as the device is connected to the internet it can be backed up. We can also backup "bare metal" or complete systems and not just files and/or folders. In the event of an accidental deletion of a file, we can restore from the prior days backup, hence you continue with business as usual.

Why choose Keldatech Cloud Backup?          

  •        Data is backed up using AES256 Encryption (the strongest in the industry)          
  •        Customer can store as much data as required          
  •        Data is compressed - you can store more           
  •        Data can even be backed up encrypted to Amazon s3 (additional costs)          
  •        Automatic backups           
  •        6 Month data retention policy