In the world of Information Technology, one solution does not always fit all individuals. We can create a solutions that may fit to what your requirements are regardless of whether its part of our offerings or not. Contact us today for a discussion and quotation as to your companies needs. Some of our prior customers had the below requests which we were able to implement for them. We believe your needs are only limited by what you can imagine.



Large home wireless w/one Network ID

We implemented a solution which was within budget that allowed the customer to access his wireless network on one Network ID and be able to move around the whole building without dropping, being out of range, or having to switch to a different network at a separate wing of the building

One subscribed wireless network shared with neighbor across the street

Solution was provided which incorporated fixed wireless devices. This allowed both neighbors to pay for one wireless network while both have internet access at their respective homes.

Cheap VOIP land line

Solution was implemented on one of the customers phone lines and from there the signal was sent to separate handsets across the building.

Shared movies and music with family members across the country

The customer had a digital media accumulation from DVD/BluRay/MP3/MP4 etc over the years which he moved to an external hard drive. As family members kept inquiring about them, he desired a means to be able to share his vast library to all of them at once. He contacted Keldatech and we provided a solution that allows him that capability. Now when ever he gets a new digital media, they would all receive it at the same time, thereby reducing efforts to send the media.

View home camera remotely

The customer had multiple cameras that all fed to one recording computer at his home. He wanted a way to be able to see the feeds from the camera remotely, and therefore he contacted us. We supplied the necessary solution using VPN access. Now he is able to watch his home cameras from his iPad, iPhone, and laptops when he is away.

Do you have any tailor made requests? If so, do not hesitate to contact us so we may provide a solution for you.