Networking refers to connecting your devices to the internet and each other. We ensure all necessary devices have access to the internet. In certain situations, customers may require remote/off-site devices to be able to connect to the workplace. In which case, we implement a VPN solution. The VPN solution would thereby allow individuals to connect to the workplace from anywhere using encrypted web traffic. Allowing them to work from home.    

Many small business may have problems maintaining their environments servers and/or desktops. A server is a computer that is constantly on and shares files/folders and connect to specialty devices and other PC's. Whether your business has one or many servers, we can provide you with the assistance required to maintain these systems. We can work on your Apple OSX, Windows, and Unix/Linux operating systems. We not only ensure properly functioning systems, but also good integration with third party vendor software's like Dentrix, TDO, Medware etc. We also ensure new hardware installation.

After initial setup, we offer Monthly support for your environment as well, which includes but is not limited to:

  •        Ensure Backups
  •        24/7/365 Monitoring
  •        Disaster Recovery
  •        System Maintenance including Anti-Virus scans, Malware scans
  •        and many more


Thank you for visiting Keldatech. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions and/or quotes ...

  • Address: 5305 Kenilworth Avenue, #202, Riverdale, MD 20737
  • Phone: (240) 232-7889

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